em Moda

Crashing colors

I am often amazed with the fact that that when it comes to fashion, there is no right or wrong. All that is there is the instinct of knowing what works and what does not, In fact fashion it’s about…

em Moda

Visually beautiful

I simply love this photo taken by a talented photographer this week in Birmingham . I love the idea that is not focused in the person but instead on the way it looks. #fashionsetusfree Leah😘

em Moda


Someone asked me once what is it that I love the most about me. My answer of course the freedom that I have, ”laughs” a different kind of freedom , the type of freedom that allows you to be who…

em Moda

The power of accessories

https://www.instagram.com/fashionsetusfree/ I love getting ready to go out as fashion for me its a way of speaking a language that can only be understood by those who shares the same eyes, eyes that are hungry to see what is unusual,…