I am a great believer that style and personality comes before fashion, the reason been is that we are becoming less and less interested in exploring our personality and identity.

We Are simply going to the shops buying stuff that at times doesn’t even suit us but because is trendy and all the celebrities are wearing!

I believe that because of that we are loosing our identity and personality. How many times have we gone out and bumped into someone wearing the same outfit? But the reality is that if we had been more aware of who we are and what really suit us we would be able to create something completely different even though we had same outfits. I know that we all have a busy life and it’s so easy to just go and pick an item that is ready to go  but in the other hand if we had just a little  time and effort put into developing our own style it would be so different as we would then realize that style and personality plays a vital role when it comes to fashion and the way you use it.

Min this lady photoshoot I have done I played with my emotions and moves that makes me who I am.